Experience The Holy Land of Israel: Private and Group Tours

Israel Holy Land tours of Christian sites for individuals, couples, families and group travelers, with local private guides.

Tour Itinerary
The Cross-Cultural Tour of Jerusalem And Bethlehem

Two cities in close quarters. A full day of summertime touring in Jerusalem and Bethlehem.

This full day package tour consists of a walking tour of Jerusalem's Old City during the cooler morning hours and a mid-afternoon to early evening visit to Bethlehem and surrounding areas...

The Half Day Private Tour of Bethlehem

With private local Bethlehem guide and transport from Jerusalem

The half day private tour consists of two hour, half day or full day customized tours to Bethlehem and the surrounding areas, including the Church of Nativity, Shepherds' Field, and Solomon's Pools...


The Historic Spiritual Centers Tour of Caesarea and Sepphoris

Jews and Christians in a Tale of Two Cities. This tour focuses on two cities that served as spiritual centers for these two emerging religions during the late Roman period...

The Walking Tour of Christian Jerusalem

Understanding the Christian Perception of Jerusalem. This one day walking tour of Jerusalem's Old City will address many meta-question.

The Search for the Historical Jesus Tour of the Lower Galilee

Jesus of Nazareth is arguably the most famous human being to have ever walked the earth. For believing Christians, he is also the Christ -- the messiah and the Son of God. This tour will take us through the cradle of Jesus' ministry, the Lower Galilee...

The Footsteps Of Elijah Tour of Carmel

Walk with a prophet of many cultures. Throughout the tour we will examine the story through the eyes of Christian, Muslim, Druze, and Jewish cultures.

The Bible in Hand Tour of the Judean Hills

Sites of the most dramatic events in the history of the people of Israel. This is an "open book" tour – and that book is the Bible.

The Biblical Heartland Tour of Israel

Judea and Samaria 2-Day Tour. Follow the traditional biblical route along the central mountain ridge of Israel, from Samaria in the north to Judea in the south. Feel the land which kindled the genius of such towering giants of Jewish wisdom as Rabbi Hillel, Rabbi Akiva and the Ramban...

The Neot Kedumim Biblical Landscapes Tour of Israel

Hands on Workshops and Tours for Families and Small Groups. Neot Kedumim is the world's only Biblical Nature reserve. It's entire purpose is to connect the words and the history of the Bible to the reality of the present.



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