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Israel bike tours for individuals, couples, families and group travelers, with local private guides.


Tour Itinerary
The Comprehensive Biking Tour of Israel

This Bike and Guide tour of Israel is a tour program where you cycle part of the day and visit "must see" sites the other part of the day. Israel is a great place for bicycling and private guide travel and we offer a fun combination of the two!

The amazing diversity of cultures, historical sites, terrains and climate zones all within a few hours driving distance, make bicycling adventures in Israel an experience hard to beat.

We strive to devise itineraries that will show you all that Israel can offer. This is a private tour so you can also be actively involved in helping us customize your tour, including choosing the kind of accommodations you would like to stay in.

In these tours, we carry the bicycles with us on the guide vehicle and you can either have a peddling guide join the cycling portion, or you can cycle on your own. The trails we offer are well marked and basic navigation skills are all you will need to have you safely along the trail. We also provide GPS and maps as required...

The Desert Bike Tour of Jerusalem to Eilat

Conquer the desert with breathtaking rides on this 5 day desert adventure. A route that would usually only be accessible to experienced bikers, is now open to riders of all abilities with transfers at hand for those who wish. The Desert of Israel is fierce and you will feel like a giant having conquered it on this fantastic tour.

Starting in Jerusalem, you head through the Judean Hills over the coast plain, before you head down into the Negev Desert, through the Ramon Crater and on to the Red Sea and Eilat.

Tour price includes accommodation, guide, and bike hire...

The Once-in-a-Lifetime Bike Tour of Tel Aviv

Explore Tel Aviv as you never have before - from the seat of your bike! See Tel Aviv as a native, with our Tel Aviv-Jaffa bike tour! You will taste a bit of everything that this gorgeous city has to offer. Enjoy the great weather, the fantastic beaches, and the lifestyle of one of the finest seaside cities in the world.

We will visit the petting zoo in the Yarkon park, the historic center, see some public art and enjoy lunch and a swim at one of the best beaches in the country.

Our tour also includes Tel Aviv and Jaffa ports, the historic Jaffa train station, the famous white city of Tel Aviv, Rothschild Boulevard, Neve Tzedek, Habima National Theater and the residence of the country's first prime minister, David Ben Gurion.

Following the bike ride, there is an optional cruise, allowing you to see the famous Tel Aviv shore and Jaffa port from both land and sea.

Tel Aviv has much to offer individual riders and groups, adults and children...

The Weekly Group Tour of Jerusalem's New City

An affordable bike tour of Jerusalem. Our Tour is 3-4 hours in length, going from one side of the New City to the other. Your guide will stop along the way for informative and interesting explanations of what you are passing, be it the Old City, the Old Train Station, the Downtown area, the Knesset, Supreme Court, Calatrava Bridge, Valley of the Cross, Russian Compound....the list of sites in this tour goes on and on.

Our tours are designed for those who have some biking experience, but do not need to be expert bikers. This tour is a scheduled departure tour, and as such will run with even one participant. Pre-registration is required.

See the city in just a few hours, and have the time of your life...

The Incredible Private Night Tour of Jerusalem

An unforgettable ride through the old city under the cloak of darkness. On the 2-3 hour bike ride, your experience and licensed tour guide will expertly lead you through the darkened alleyways of the Old City, showing you a side of the city that most people are entirely unaware of.

Utilizing the quiet streets after the sun has set, you will ride through the marketplace, past the Church of the Holy Sepulchre and into the Jewish Quarter. You will get a viewpoint over the Western Wall, and see the city in a way that you never would have imagined.

As a private tour this can be scheduled to fit in with your itinerary, and is suitable for all who can ride their own bikes and have basic riding skills...

The Only Bike Tour of Northern Israel

The best of the North of Israel. Based out of Tiberius this tour gives you the chance to really adventure through the beautifully green north of the country, enjoy local wineries, and the ease of having a top class guide on hand at all times. This is a 6 day tour with a 4 day optional extra. The main tour is based out of Tiberius, and from there explores the luscious north of the country.

The tour price includes accommodation, guide, and bike rental...

The Unforgettable Bike Tour of the Judean Hills

A unique region rich in biblical stories, wildlife, ruins of ancient towns. This tour is an easy 5-10 mile ride through the beautiful Adulam region of the Judean Hills, located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It is suitable for families with young children.

We will search for the seven species that the land of Israel has been blessed with: "... Land of wheat and barley, vines, figs, pomegranates, olives, and honey."

We will explore the ruins of the Itri and Midras villages, dating back 2,000 years to the time of the Temple in Jerusalem, Jesus, and the Great Revolt. Under the villages we will crawl through a system of hideout caves that were once used by rebel solders against the Roman army in the first century.

After we explore the caves, we will return to our bikes and continue riding. Our ride will end at the Ella Valley where we will reenact the famous battle between David and Goliath in the place where it took place.

Enjoy delicious wine and food at a local winery...



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