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Tour Itinerary
The Complete Tour of Herodium

From lower herodium to king herod's tomb. This is an indepth tour of Herodium - most people don't stop to explore the ruins of the lower palace complex outside of the park, a large pool, the Monumental building, the remains of a Byzantine Church but we do. We continue with Herod's palace/fortress, really fit for a king, on the top of a man-made mountain in the Judean desert.

We will learn about how water was brought to this isolated spot, how an entire administrative complex with palaces and gardens was built and why Herod chose to be buried there. We will see the remains of a mausoleum on the side of the mountain that was just excavated a few years ago (the site where King Herod would have been buried) and a small theater just discovered where Herod entertained.

The tour puts the life of King Herod and the history of the Second Temple period, just before the time of Jesus, in perspective and explains the architecture and archaeology of an incredible site...

The Archaeological Tour of the Dead Sea Region

The Dead Sea is alive with history. Departing from Jerusalem, we head down the lowest place in the world - the Dead Sea.

Reaching Masada we explore the famed site for rich remains and learn of the dramatic end caused by the Roman conquest of the site.

At nearby Ein-Gedi, we appreciate an ancient synagogue mosaic floor and wild life. At Qumran, we review the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls. Along the tour we also stop for a swim at the Dead Sea.

The tour will have an archaeological focus, and present less known parts, sites, and theories...



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